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Etymonix SoftReel codec is a faster than real-time MPEG-2 video decoder optimized for single-core and multi-core systems. It enables smooth high-quality playback of native MPEG-2 SD and HD video streams in DVB applications, Windows Media Player and other DirectShow-compatible products. SoftReel's robust design makes it resilient to video stream errors. It has been tested on a wide range of x86 processors and Windows operating systems. Key features: - MPEG-2 codec enables watching digital satellite TV in popular DVB applications such as ProgDVB, DVBViewer, DVBDream, MyTheatre and AltDVB - Plays MPEG-2 files in a wide range of media players - Perfect for sharing and viewing files recorded by various MPEG-2 camcorders such as JVC Everio - Can be used for kiosks, digital signage, presentations, and much more - DirectShow filter allows developers to easily add MPEG-2 video playback to custom applications - Compatible with ISO/IEC 13818-2 (MPEG-2 video) and ISO/IEC 11172-2 (MPEG-1 video) International Standards - Decodes MPEG-2 standard-definition (SD) and high-definition (HD) video streams up to 1920x1152, including: - DVB broadcast feeds (4:2:0 and 4:2:2) - All 18 ATSC formats (LDTV, SDTV, EDTV, HDTV) - Unencrypted DVDs with MPEG-2 audio (a third-party audio decoder is required for AC-3 audio) - HDV streams (a third-party MPEG-2 parser may be required) - MPEG-1 video - Super Video CD (SVCD), China Video Disc (CVD) and Video CD (VCD) - File types: MPG, VOB, DAT, M2P, M2V, etc - Supports all chroma formats (4:2:0, 4:2:2 and 4:4:4) - Exceptional video quality achieved using highly precise computations - Real-time playback of 1920x1080 HD video streams on fast x86 processors - Optimized for multi-processors, up to 4 cores - Software-only solution does not require additional hardware - Optimized for MMX/SSE/SSE2 - Frame-accurate seeking within AVI files - Configurable user settings - User-friendly one-click setup program

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